Secret Garden back with new album

Award winning Norwegian-Irish duo Secret Garden, winners of the 1995 Eurovision Song Contest are back with their first recording since the release of  their 2011 effort, Winter Poem. The brand new album Just The Two Of Us is released nationwide in Norway today, with a wider release expected in the coming months.

Rolf Løvland and Fionnuala Sherry gave Norway their second victory at Eurovision as part of the group Secret Garden, with the ethnic entry Nocturne in 1995. A second win came exactly ten years after Løvland gave Norway its first ever victory in the form of Bobbysocks with the effervescent La Det Swinge. Nocturne was quite a departure from the rockabilly style that had romped home ten years earlier in Gothenburg, and the subsequent album release, Songs From A Secret Garden went on to become a global success, especially within the new age music market and in such far flung territories such as South Korea and Hong Kong. Eleven albums later, and the duo are still much in demand with a worldwide legion of faithfull followers.

Secret Garden’s newest release, Just The Two Of Us, their twelfth album is the result of a project that Løvland and Sherry have been working on and whch the two are eager to present to fans. According to their website, the couple had toyed with the idea for a number of years, as a result of their experiences when performing live shows. The concept behind their latest release was to give the listener an experience of how the dynamic sounds when both piano and violin meet. The two have been beavering away on the album since last January and recording of the album was completed in October this year.

Just The Two Of Us
comprises fifteen tracks, thirteen of which have previously been released but are presented in a competely different version. There are also two completely new tracks on the album, the title track Just The Two Of Us and En Passant. The complete track listing is as follows:

1.   Sometimes When It Rains
2.   Heartstrings
3.   Awakening
4.   The Promise
5.   Reflection
6.   Ode To Simplicity
7.   Poême
8.   Sortie
9.   Just The Two Of Us
10. Songs From A Secret Garden
11. En Passant
12. Papillon
13. Belonging
14. Serenade To Spring
15. Song At The End Of The Day

The album will be the first since their debut effort, Songs From A Secret Garden in 1995, to be given a full international release. Released in Norway today, other territories will follow, with a German release scheduled for March/April as well as a subsequent release in Europe, Asia and the Americas. A promotional clip capturing some of the recording of the ablbum can be watched courtesy of record label Universal Music below.

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