Paolo Meneguzzi returns with new name and new album

After 12 albums with a total of over 2 and a half million copies sold worldwide and 3 years after the release of his latest studio album, Paolo Meneguzzi, who represented Switzerland at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest, is back with a new work entitled Zero which will be available from September 30.

With Zero, Paolo Meneguzzi (who has decided to use his real name, Pablo, to sign this album), returns to pop rhythms with soul and R&B arrangements which results in a fresh, romantic, positive, timeless and amazing album which is dedicated to the rediscovery of the most important values of life. The melodies and lyrics tell about love, suffering or happiness.

He says that thanks to these three years’ break and after fifteen years travelling on tour he has realized that life is somewhere else such as for example in his family who he has neglected for many years to chase a goal that of course has gave him unforgettable success moments but it also took away a fundamental part of himself to be truly happy. This is what has inspired him to compose the twelve songs which are included in Zero. His intention is get people excited for simple things, to start all over again and rediscover the joy of small things when listening to any of the songs from this album.

By decision of the artist, the album will only be available in CD format and in a special packaging within which there will be a ticket to an exclusive concert only for owners of the original album. Will therefore not be distributed on digital formats and then it won’t be on sale on online stores. He explains why he has made this decision with the following example: "a digital flower has nothing to do with what makes you feel a real one and so should be the music. You can look online and listen to it, but then you need to have it in your hands to enjoy it with all your senses".

The track list of Zero is as follows:
1. Zero
2. Sto Pensando Che
3. Dentro Al Sogno
4. Delirio
5. Note
6. Se
7. Blu
8. Fragile
9. Dimmi Solo Un Tuo Sì
10. Inferno
11. Io Mi Arrendo
12. La Vita Cos’è

In the videos below you can listen to the first single of this album La Vita Cos’è and also the album’s title track Zero.

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