Mila Janevska achieving much success in the world of Opera

Mila Janevska participated in the 2009 FYR Macedonia Junior Eurovision final and finished in second place with the charming ballad, Nema Boja Ljubovta. She has since turned to the world of opera where she is achieving much success. Mila has recently won top awards in Montenegro, Serbia and FYR Macedonia.

Mila Janevska gained much respect in the 2009 FYR Macedonia Junior Eurovision selection. She was runner up that year to Sara Markoska who went on to represent her country at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest that year. Both Mila and Sara had songs and performances that would have graced the adult Eurovision Song Contest.

Mila is currently singing opera and already achieved success in 2013 where she won the Arandjelovac competition in Serbia and and won top female vocalist in an international competition in Skopje, FYR Macedonia.

In the last few weeks Mila has been very successful winning top opera awards. The first competition Bruna Spiler festival in Herceg Novi, Montenegro. There she won the silver medal award. Then Mila won the first prize with Petar Stojanovic in a competition in Ub, Serbia. She won the special award. Then Mila won the first prize and the special award prize in an international opera competition in Skopje, FYR Macedonia.

After this huge success the Macedonian Philharmonic have chosen Mila to perform with them. The special concert will be on on 11 June where there will be opera and ballet performances. Mila is thankful to her opera teacher, Aleksandra Kocevska, for helping her achieve this great respect and success in the opera world.

Mila has not given up completely on singing pop and hopes to combine the opera and pop in the future.

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