Melodifestivalen 2013: Second half of the participants presented today

The conclusion was clear after the presentation of the first half of the participants in the 2013 edition of Melodifestivalen: Fans felt that SVT owed them some bigger and more experienced names. Would they get that today when the remaining artist was announced?

Few minutes ago the Swedish broadcaster, SVT, presented the participants for heat 3 and 4 of Melodifestivalen 2013. With the first two heats including a lot of debutants and lesser experienced names the expectations were high for today. Former top band Army of Lovers had a few days ago confirmed themselves that they were among the participants – with quite mixed reactions as the band split up in the mid ´90’s.  There was also talk about a comeback for Carola, who won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1991, but few believed this was more than a fan dream.   

Preliminary heat 3:

Title: Alibi
Singer: Eddie Razaz
Songwriter: Peter Boström, Thomas G:son

Title: Dumb
Singer: Amanda Fondell
Songwriter: Freja Blomberg, Fredrik Samsson

Title: En riktig jävla schlager
Singer: Black Sheep Boys
(Tommy Körberg, Claes Malmberg, Johan Rabaeus, Mats Ronander)
Songwriter: Kjell Jennstig, Leif Goldkuhl, Henrik Dorsin

Title: Falling
Singer: State of Drama
Songwriter: Göran Werner, Sebastian Hallifax, Emil Gullhamn, James Hallifax

Title: Heartstrings
Singer: Janet Leon
Songwriter: Fredrik Kempe, Anton Malmberg Hård af Segerstad

Title: Hon har inte
Singer: Caroline af Ugglas
Songwriter: Heinz Liljedahl, Caroline af Ugglas

Title: In And Out Of Love
Singer: Martin Rolinski
Songwriter: Thomas G:son, Andreas Rickstrand

Title: Island
Singer: Elin Petersson
Songwriter: Elin Petersson

Preliminary heat 4:

Title: Bed On Fire
Singer: Ralf Gyllenhammar
Songwriter: Ralf Gyllenhammar, David Wilhelmsson

Title: Breaking The Silence
Singer: Terese Fredenwall
Songwriter: Terese Fredenwall, Simon Petrén

Title: Jalla Dansa Sawa
Singer: Behrang Miri
Songwriter: Behrang Miri, Anderz Wrethov, Firas Razak Tuma, Tacfarinas Yamoun

Title: Must Be Love
Singer: Lucia Pinera
Songwriter: Peter Kvint, Jonas Myrin

Title: Rockin’ The Ride
Singer: Army of Lovers
Songwriter: Alexander Bard, Henrik Wikström, Per QX, Andreas Öhrn, Jean-Pierre Barda

Title: Tell The World I’m Here
Singer: Ulrik Munther
Songwriter: Peter Boström, Thomas G:son, Ulrik Munther

Title: Trivialitet
Singer: Sylvia Vrethammar
Songwriter: Thomas G:son, Calle Kindbom, Mats Tärnfors

Title: You
Singer: Robin Stjernberg
Songwriter: Robin Stjernberg, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Joakim Harestad Haukaas

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Source: SVT, EuroVisionary
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