LTV started the selection process of Eirodziesma 2014

Latvian national broadcaster LTV has geared up for the preparations regarding to the national song festival, Eirodziesma. The same format of Eirodziesma in the recent years will be carried out in 2014 with the change that the songwriters or composers have to be Latvian.

Latvia has ended up as one of the worst placed countries at the Eurovision Song Contest, failing to qualify the last five years in a row. Having one of the worst series at the contest lead the Latvian broadcaster to take a couple of precautions regarding their classical selection named Eirodziesma. Therefore some change of rules will be applied this year: The composers of any submitted song have to be Latvian. The language of the participating entry is not limited by any means.

Meanwhile, the broadcaster LTV has announced that the same process will be carried out this year, which means we will see 24 participating acts who will compete in two semifinals and in a final in the Eirodziesma 2014. The submission for the songs will stay open up to November 20th, and after a kind of elimination which will be held by a special jury, 24 hopefulls will be introducing at a press conference on December 2nd.

The dates for Eirodziesma 2014 as it follows

  • Song Submission – 1st November/20th November 2013
  • Song Introduction – 2nd December 2013
  • First Semifinal of Eirodziesma – 18th January 2014
  • Second Semifinal of Eirodziesma – 19th January 2014
  • Final – 1st February 2014

Click on the video below to see last year’s Latvian representatives, PeR‘s performance recorded using
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