Kejsi Tola returns to spotlight at the 2011 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania

Kejsi Tola represented Albania at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest with Carry Me In Your Dreams.  Now she is back with a brand new song, Me Jeto (With Life) at the 2011 Kënga Magjike festival in Albania.  However, Kejsi has advised it is unlikely she will try for Eurovision again this year via the Festivali i Këngës.

The Kënga Magjike festival is one of the top three major music festivals in Albania along with Top Fest and Festivali i  Këngës.  Kejsi Tola has had much success in all three competitions.  Of course, she won the first prize at the Festivali i Këngës in December 2008 with Më mërr në ëndërr and therefore represented Albania in Moscow at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest where the song was performed in English as Carry Me In Your Dreams.

Me Jeto is a beautiful and gentle ballad and is already receiving very positive reviews in her homeland. The awards for best songs and prizes at the festival will be decided by the acts themselves who have to vote for each other.

Kejsi has decided that she probably will not be trying for the Festivali i Këngës this year.  She has participated in the previous three years.  In 2008 with Më mërr në ëndërr (the winning song), 2009 with Ndonjëherë and in 2010 with Pranë.

You can see Kejsi’s first performance of Me Jeto below.

Source: EuroVisionary
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