Kati still has dreams of success in Düsseldorf

Fan favourite Kati Wolf took to the stage today and gave us a very dramatic interpretation of her song.  She gave it her all and threw everything at it, but will it be enough?

The Hungarians are hungry for success in Eurovision.  They last made the final in 2005 and have pulled out all of the stops this year.  The setting for this song is quite intense with lots of spotlights moving around and flashing different colours.  Other than that, it’s generally very dark.

Kati was not in costume today – one of the first acts to do this for a second rehearsal.  Her two female backing singers are at a modest distance and only barely lit.  Kati also has three male dancers that were in costume.  The dancer that appears first is in a white hooded tracksuit that lights up during the song.  He backflips around the stage making it a lively performance.

This song comes across very well in the arena.  She has improved considerably since her first rehearsal too.  It’s the sort of song that should qualify but there is still that element of doubt.

In my view

I like this song, and I want it to qualify, least of all because a contest in Budapest would be amazing.  However she’s not put in consistently good performances which raises doubt in my mind.

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