Justine Pelmelay in intensive care

Poor Justine Pelmelay, it really hasn’t been her week. Following excruciating pains and fever, the popular former Eurovision artist was admitted to hospital for emergency surgery, with three major operations performed on her within a week.

Justine’s partner and manager Ronald van Driel spoke to Dutch tabloid Telegraaf about the last week,  which has given the pair more than their fair share of drama. 53 year old Justine Pelmelay‘s condition has caused everyone around her grave concern over the past week. The star was forced to pull out of the new programme on Dutch TV channel SBS 6 Sterren Springen Op Zaterdag, after having been admitted to hospital  on the 26th of August.

Van Driel revealed that it was a tough decision for Pelmelay to make and she really tried to soldier on before succumbing to the pain: "Justine was so weak, but kept going after taking medication to keep the pain at bay. But you could see her condition slowly deteriorate, and she just got worse and worse. There were times when she gave the impression of just wanting to give up completely."

The singer collapsed once more from the pain on Monday and her temperature began to rise dramatically. Van Driel realised then that there was no other way out and that she would have to be put her health first and seek treatment. The first operation lasted about 1,5 hours, during which the stars abdomen was cleaned out and some two litres of fluid were removed. Medical staff are hoping that examinations will show whether or not Pelmelay has had an inflammation or infection.

Following the last operation, Pelmelay has been transferred back into intensive care for further observation. The surgery has by all accounts been a success and she has finally managed to get some rest. Van Driel commented furthermore that "I visited Justine and was able to speak to her, and so I am confident she’s making really good progress. But she’s still not out of the woods yet. The most important thing for me is that she just gets better as soon as possible."

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We at Eurovisionary woudl like to take the opportunity to wish Justine Pelmelay a speedy recovery and hope that it’s not too long before she’s back on her feet again doing what she does best – entertaining.

Source: Telegraaf.nl / Eurovisionary.com
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