Gerard Joling to host new diving programme – Justine Pelmelay to participate

When the Netherlands on Saturday kicks off for their new entertainment programme where well known names will be competing on diving skills a former Eurovision Song Contest participant will be hosting it, yet another one will be taking part – and joined by a Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner.

The new TV show titled "Sterren Springen Op Zaterdag" (Star Jumping On Saturday) will as the titled indicate be broad-casted on Saturdays starting on the 25th of August. Well known Dutch personalities will be competing on their diving skills in various hights ending with the tower 10 meters above the water.

Among the list of participants we find Justine Pelmelay, who represented the Netherlands at the 1989 Eurovision Song Contest ending 15th with the song Blijf Zoals Je Bent (Stay the way you are). She first said no to participating in this diving programme and it is easy to understand why as she had some fears to overcome: Justine was unable to swim, afraid of heights and it brings back memories from January when she was one of the survivors from the Concordia ferry accident in Italy. 

The 2009 Dutch Junior Eurovision Song Contest winner Ralf Mackenbach is also among the participants. He has since that been performing in several musicals and is not unfamilar with shows like this where well known names competes in disciplines they don’t have particular skills for as he has also been taken part in "Dancing On Ice".

"Sterren Springen Op Zaterdag" will be hosted by another former Eurovision Song Contest participant; Gerard Joling. He represented the Netherlands at the 1988 contest where he finished 9th with Shangri-la. He was appointed to represent his country again in 2009 as a part of De Toppers, but a public fight when another member caused him to leave the trio shortly before the national selection, where their song for Eurovision should be chosen. Afterwards Gerard went back to De Toppers who is still having big success in the Netherlands. In an advert for the show he promises that he will be jumping as well.    

Source:, EuroVisionary
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