Inga and Anush go Stateside

Things have been pretty quiet around the two sisters Inga & Anush, who represented Armenia and landed them a 10th placing at the 2009 Eurovision Song Contest in Moscow with their take on Armenian folk music and Jan Jan. They made quite a return to the music scene recently, which took them to Canada of all places.

Inga & Anush
travelled recently to Canada, to participate at the 20th anniversary event in support of Shushi liberation, Shushi being a town in the Nagorno Karabakh region, presently under the control of Azerbaijan. Their sojourn across the pond kicked off with an appearance at the Claude Champagne Hall in Montreal on the 28th of April. The event itself was a result of the cooperation between the embassy of Armenia in Canada, and the Canadian-Armenian Diocese, led by Bishop Bagrat Galstanyan.

Two consecutive concerts were held in Montreal on the 28th and 29th of April, before they moved on to sell out concerts celebrating Armenian folk music in Toronto on the 4th of May before catapulting over to the far west, to Vancouver no less, where they gave another much sought after concert on the 11th of May. The tour saw the sisters perform a selection of their hits as well as works by Armenian-Canadian composer Armen Martirosyan such as Shushi, Haghtanak, Mer Anunn E Haykakan Banak and Marmir, Kapuyt, Tsiranaguyn.

Their stay in Canada proved extremely fruitful, as it just so happened that representatives from the global phenomenon Cirque Du Soleil attended one of their Montreal concerts and agreed to a future partnership with the two ambassadors of Armenian culture. While in Canada, Inga & Anush also took the time to shoot the video for their newest release You Will Not Be Alone, also written for them by Martirosyan. The video was directed by David Martirosyan and is due to be premiered soon. Eurovisionary will keep you informed of further news on their release as and when it becomes known.In the meantime, you can hear the song here in anticipation of the release of the brand spanking new video:

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