DR’s readers hand out Eurovision 2014 awards

Earlier this month the readers of DR’s Eurovision site have been asked to vote in various categories each with three nominees. The lucky winners ended up being Donatan & Cleo, Carl Espen, András Kallay-Saunders, Firelight, Pollapönk and Sebalter. 

Each day through a week the nominees were presented and the readers of DR’s Eurovision site asked to vote. The categories, the nominees and the winners can be found below.

Best song about food:

  • Poland: Donatan & Cleo – We are Slavic
  • Latvia: Aarzemnieki – Bake the cake
  • Belarus: Teo – Cheesecake

And the winner was: Donatan & Cleo 

Best beard:

  • Norway’s Carl Espen
  • Austria’s Conchita Wurst
  • France’s Francois Djemel (Member of Twin Twin)

And the winner was:  Carl Espen

Weirdest lyrics:

  • Hungary about incest
  • Georgia about a trip from out of space back to earth
  • Belgium about a mothercomplex

And the winner was: Running, the Hungarian entry. 

Most dramatic video:

  • Azerbaidjan’s Dilara Kazimova
  • Malta’s Firelight
  • Armenia’s Aram MP3 

And the winner was: Malta’s Firelight 

Wildest outfit:

  • Moldova: Christina Scarlat’s robot dress from the national final
  • Italy: Emma Marrone’s Mickey Mouse ears from the video
  • Iceland: The many different and strong colours Pollapönk uses

And the winner was: Iceland’s Pollapönk 

The best fluet

  • Switzerland’s Hunter Of Stars
  • Montenegro’s Moje Svijet
  • Ukraine’s Tick-Tock

And the winner was: Sebalter representing Switzerland

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