Dino Hopes to Conjure Up a Final Placing for Bosnia

As some may or may not remember, Dino provided Bosnia with one of their best ever placings since their debut in 1993. That time he sang referring to french grammar, back for another crack at the whip, he uses maths in the entry Love In Rewind.

The number opens with a simple yet effective intro with Dino calling out for his loved one, the female backing singer replying back as if from across a canyon. The backdrop is beautiful, a crimson velvet/silk effect before transforming halfway into a fairgrouind theme with blurred lights and fragmented revolving carousels.

Dino is accompanied by 5 others on stage, playing contrabass, keyboard, banjo trumpet and tambourine, with Dino himself strumming his guitar. Their outfits are not coordinated as of yet, with Dino sporting a rather busy, patterned metallic jacket and with 2 red hearts on the collar of this shirt.

The first half of Bosnia’s number is kept relatively simple, with little choreography to mention, apart from the one single dancer who apparently has no routine, but seemingly just wanders around stage before picking up a trumpet halfway through the act. Bosnia is so alarmingly simple in its entirety that it may very well be one of the dark horses of the contest. Dino appeared very reassured on stage, and although greyer than the time he sang for Bosnia in 1999, his voice is just as strong, crystal clear and carrying extremely
well across the hall. The entire group come together towards the end of the number, giving what appears to be some sort of salute which gives Love in Rewind an equally memorable finish as its opening.

In my view

The song itself comes across great, flowing nicely with ever such a slight  melancholic feel and a definite hint of Balkan. Very well received by those following the rehearsal in the hall, Love in Rewind had everyone tapping their feet along with the rhythm.

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