Dino Merlin Supports the return of Bosnia & Herzegovina To Eurovision

Dino Merlin who represented Bosnia & Herzegovina 2 times and got their second and third best results ever, has talked to N1 channel about Eurovision.

While the national brodcaster of Bosnia & Herzegovina BHRT is about to collapse, Dino Merlin thinks that his home country Bosnia & Herzegovina also has to be a part of Eurovision. According to the veteran singer, you do not have to be in the chips to put your signature under a perfect entry.

We have not taken part at Eurovision for several years. I think you should take stage only when you have a performance. It does not have to be upscale. It might be solid. It is not necessary to take stage just to participate.

said the veteran singer in his interview with N1 channel.

In my view

First of all, to criticise the circumstance of Bosnia, we have to look over the circumstances of Greece. The economy of Greece is much worse than Bosnia & Herzegovina at the moment but nevertheless they are able to create possibilities to participate at Eurovision. Such as launching a new state brodcaster (NERIT), holding national finals on tight budgets etc. Remember, the national final of Greece held in a shopping mall in 2012. Maybe all Bosnia needs is just to admire Greece a little bit.

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