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Željko Joksimović releases his new untitled album

After being a part of X Factor Adria and Adio this year, Željko Joksimović devoted himself to his new album. According to Željko, the album, which will be released initially through a mobile phone application, is his own work of art. Its track list includes a collaboration with another former Eurovision entrant, Croatian Tony Cetinski. Read more

Hadise releases the first summer single of this year, Yaz Günü.

Turkish pop star Hadise, whose heartbeats had gone Düm Tek Tek in Moscow, has released her new video clip called Yaz Günü, which means ‘Summer Day’ in her native language. It is the third video clip from her latest album Tavsiye (Advice). With that video, she became the artist who opened the summer season in Turkey. Read more

Voltaj will be flying to Vienna for Romania

While we are getting closer to the 2015 entry deadline Romania has now chosen their artists. Voltaj has become the winner of Selectia Nacionala and they will represent Romania in Vienna with the song De La Capat. Read more

Bojana Stamenov respresents Serbia in Vienna

The Serbian national final of this year has come to an end. In the second edition of Obrojavanje Do Beca, Bojana Stamenov singing the song Ceo Svet Je Moj (The Whole World Is Mine) has been chosen among 3 songs to represent the country in Vienna. After a year absence, Serbia returns to the Eurovision… Read more

Gallery: Bosnian Party: 21 May

It’s not often that the delegation from Bosnia and Herzegovina have a party, so Eurovisionary jumped at the chance to attend. Read more about how it went. The embassy is on the 5th floor of a building on the fashionable Bygdøy Allé. Many of the other embassies are located around here in this leafy suburb… Read more

Video: Kristján Gíslason (TwoTricky) – Angel

Kristján Gíslason represented Iceland at the 2001 Eurovision Song Contest as a part of the duo TwoTricky. They sang the song Angel, which however only scored 3 points at the actual contest. Last night Kristján performed the song at the Icelandic reception – and judging from the audience to more than 3 points. Read more

Video: InCulto entertains at their first press conference

That Lithuania are here to entertaint was made clear already with their arrival to the press conference. This was the first press conference from InCulto and it of course also included a performance of their entry Eastern European Funk – in a version where they went out among the press. Read more

Video: Iceland entertains everyone

Yesterday ended with one of the most entertaining press conferences. Hera Björk and her backing had prepared a stunt which involved the press to sing three previous Icelandic entries. Hera also performed Someday from last year’s Danish final and backing singer Kristján Gíslason sang Angel, which he participated with in 2001. Read more