Vasilije Ojdanić to represent Montenegro at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest?

Have Montenegro found its participant for next year’s Eurovision Song Contest? According to the official Instagram page of Vasilije Ojdanić, he will represent his country at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest to be held in Stockholm, Sweden, and the broadcaster might or might not have confirmed it.

Even though Montenegro was shaken with a jury vote scandal during the summer, it looks like they are standing still and will fly their own flag in Stockholm, Sweden for the Eurovision Song Contest. According to the latest posts on the official Instagram account of Vasilije Ojdanić who was about to represent Montenegro at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest but withdrew of private reasons, he will be the next to represent Montenegro.

Good afternoon Vasilije! Radio Television of Montenegro informs you that you have won the selection for being the representer of Montenegro at the Eurovision Song Sontest 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. Thank you for your participation. The official press conference be held on the 12th of September in RTCG building in Podgorica. Congratulations!

To validate it, the comment from was this:

A well-deserved win. You are welcome for your thank.

Radio Television of Montenegro (RTCG) still remain silent and calm while Vasilije can not hide his excitement. Rumors claim that RTCG on a press confrence tomorrow will announce thier participation, their representer and a 15 second teaser of the song. The name of the song should be When You Call My Name.

Last but not least, Vasilije has a message for the people who are confused about this situation:

The last representer of Montenegro was Knez. He represented his country in Vienna with the song Adio which is composed by Željko Joksimović. The song ended 13th with 44 points which is the best result so far from Montenegro. That song you can see in the video below:

Update (12th of September at 15:50 CET): Montenegro hasn’t yet presented their artist, and other sources indicate that this might just be a fantasy of Vasilije Ojdanić. Time will tell.

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