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Video: Marcin entertaints at his press conference

At his first meeting with the press yesterday Marcin Mroziński showed that he is much more than just one song. In this video you can see him sing his entry, Legendam but also see him give examples of his dancing moves. Not to be missed is also Les Misérable’s Empty chairs at empty tables. Read more

2008hu Csézy – Candlelight

Csézy, whose real name is Erzsébet Csézi, will be representing Hungary with the song called Candlelight. It is called Szívverés in Hungarian Read more

2008mt Morena – Vodka

Morena won the Maltese 2008 national final after finishing 9th in 2006. This year she participated with two songs. Vodka won while her other song Casanova came 5th. Read more

2008lt Jeronimas Milius – Nomads In the Night

Jeronimas Milius is normally the lead singer in a heavy metal band so for some he was a surprisingly choise to sing the opera kind song Nomads in the Night that represented Lithuania at the 2008 Eurovision Song Contest. Read more

2008dk Simon Mathew – All Night Long

Simon Mathew won a bit unexpectly the Danish final, but having previously won both a musical talent show and a dancing program maybe we shouldn’t be surprised if he does well in Belgrade as well with the song called All Night Long. Read more

2008by Ruslan Alehno – Hasta la Vista

Ruslan Alehno became famous after winning the local edition of Pop Idol and in 2008 it brought him to Belgrade with the song called Hasta la Vista. He didn’t manage to qualify for the Eurovision Song Contest final.  Read more

2008ee Kreisiraadio – Leto svet

Kreisiraadio is a well known comedy act who has been around since 1993. They will be representing Estonia with the song Leto Svet which is being sung in Serbian, German and Finnish. Read more

2008ad Gisela – Casanova

Gisela has been chosen to represent Andorra in the 2008 Eurovision Song contest with the song called Casanova which will be sung in a mix of English and Catalan. Read more