Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila will fly Lithuanian flag in Vienna

After a long journey at Eurovizijos, Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila have become the
winners and they will represent Lithuania in Vienna with the song This Time. The Lithuanian representatives were chosen via jury vote and tele-vote. In both sections, they were the leaders.

Starting the show, the representing song This Time had already been chosen from three songs at a previous step of the national final.
Tonight, three singers were on stage to be decided which one of them would go to Vienna
in May.

The Song – This Time

This Time
is a nice country song. Guitar sounds in the
background and the rhythm reminds us of the Maltese entry in 2014 Coming Home.
Monika and Vaidas performed the song at the show and it is loved by the fans.
All the fans had started to wonder: ‘May the Lithuanian TV make a surprise?’

The two contestants in order:

1- Mia

Her first song was in English. Her sound was great. With her style, she was looking like a real rock star. Live instruments and camera movements were impressive. In the second performance, she was the girl in white who sang a ballad while she was sitting on the floor. In her This Time performance, she was with the band which was in her first performance as well. She was looking like she was from a fairytale. Her two song selections and This Time were very different. But her voice matched with This Time most.

2- Monika Linkyte & Vaidas Baumila

Until their turn came, no one knew that they would perform a duet. They sang together a ballad in Lithuanian. Vaidas was wearing a smoking suit showing he took his performance seriously. The mix of a good looking guy and a blonde girl presents us a duo like Ell & Nikki. They might become our new Ell & Nikki with the strong connection between them. In the second part, they sang a blues song. They were better at this. But unfortunately, blues haven’t been loved in Eurovision since the eighties. Their This Time performance was simply perfect. Especially when Monika kissed Vaidas. The audience shouted ‘wow’ at the same time. Except for the outfits, everything was the same as their previous This Time performance.

The Show

The show began with the standard procedure. Presenting three contestants, presenting juries etc. With those stairs, the stage design was looking like the stage of Eurovision 2006. They took to the stage three times. They sang This Time at the third performance. Before the songs, there were teasers which involved the previous performances of the singers and short interviews with them. After performing on stage, the jury considered their performance. After taking to the stage, PeR, the representatives of Lithuania in 2013, sang a song called Smile. Then, the televoting section started and the contestants took to the stage again.

The Results

In the jury vote, Monika & Vadias got 12 points while Mia got 10 points.

In the public vote, Monika & Vadias got approximately 13,000 points while Mia got 12,000 points.

Since its
debut at the contest in 1994, Lithuania has participated a total of 13 times.
Aside from a much surprising 6th place in 2006, the country isn’t exactly used to
the top positions. When Danny Montell scored 70 points at the 2012 contest in
Baku, Azerbaijan, and thereby secured himself a 13th position with the song Love
Is Blind
, that was the best Lithuania had achieved since 2006.

Source: EuroVisionary
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