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Eurovision battle: Spain 2012 vs Georgia 2013

Do you know that feeling that you already heard a similar song before? That happens really easy at Eurovision and it was also the case of Georgia in 2013, who came with a song similar to the Spanish entry from 2012. Our Eurovision Fan Panel members are comparing those two songs in another edition of… Read more

Junior Eurovision 2020: Poland’s Ala Tracz in focus

The song is written by Polish Eurovision representative Gromee. He failed to reach the final, but expectations are high for the Junior contest when Ala Tracz sings his ‘I’ll Be Standing‘. In fact, Eurovision fans fear it might be ‘third year in a row – victory’. Read more

Eurovision 2011: Slovakia’s TWiiNS in focus

Slovakia is an underrated country, TWiiNS are beautiful, the song is dated or dull, it should have qualified… Those are only some of the opinions we faced when asking Eurovision fans about the 2011 Slovakian entry ‘I’m Still Alive’ by TWiiNS. Read more

Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2011: Yohanna in focus

After her second place in 2009, Iceland’s Yohanna’s aimed at a Eurovision comeback in 2011. 9 years later, some Eurovision fans prefer Nótt while others think Iceland made the right choice in picking Sjonni’s Friends with Coming Home for Eurovision. Read more

Laura Bretan

Selecția Națională 2019: Laura Bretan in focus

Fantastic voice, wispy vocals, or pure magic. Those are some of the words Eurovision fans from our panel used when describing Laura Bretan from the Romanian national final in 2019. What happened during the final of this national selection? And was Romania’s choice of Ester Peony the right one? Read more

Eva Burešová

Eurovision Song CZ 2018: Eva Burešová in focus

While Mikolas Josef was successful in Lisbon, there were some hidden gems back in the Czech national final in 2018. For example Eva Burešová with her song ‘Fly’, which is for some mystical or atmospheric, but for others already too modern. Read more

Eurovision 2018: Georgia’s Iriao in focus

Ethno-Jazz Band Iriao brought a different type of song in 2018 to the Eurovision Song Contest in Lisbon, Portugal. Some may say this Georgian song is boring or old-fashioned, but it’s definitely different from the other entries. Read more