Minus One likely to represent Cyprus in Stockholm

At mid September Cyprus comfirmed its participation at next year’s Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. Now local sites report that the next representative of the meditteranean island in the contest will be Minus One, a well known rock band.

Despite the fact that on mid-summer the vice president for the Cypriot broadcaster, CyBC, told that the Eurovision Song Project would again be the mechanism Cyprus would use to select their representative for the 61st Eurovision Song Contest, it became clear afterwards that an internal selection will be used for the artist and maybe and also for the song. Lack of time, but especially the lack of financial resources is mentioned to force CyBC to that solution.

Today local sites report that the lucky who has be chosen by CyBC to fly the Cypriot flag to Stockholm is a rock band, indicating substantially Minus One, who last year came third in the national final of the Eurovision Song Project with the song Shine.

Likely to represent our country in the next Eurovision Song Contest in Sweden is a known band of Cyprus. Discussions are advanced and only the final deal remains.

Who is Minus One?

Minus One is a five piece band ( Francois Micheletto, Harrys Pari, Constantinos Amerikanos, Antonis Loizides and Chris J) that plays everything, from pop and rock classics, to todays newer hits. The band does not just play regular covers, but rearranges and refreshes the songs bringing them closer to the bands own sound.The bands strongest point is their performances and choice of songs. Once they get up on stage its obvious they are up there to have fun and enjoy what they do, taking the people off stage along for the ride. The energy and great chemistry among the band’s members is phenomenal, also passed on to the crowd off stage and what makes this band stand out. By adding new songs weekly, they keep their playlist fresh, making the performances always interesting and explosive, and keep trying new things always searching for the next step forward trying to be ahead of the pack and deliver better each time.

This year they tried to represent Cyprus at the 2015 Eurovision Song Contest. Their song Shine was one of the favourites to win Eurovision Song Project, which was the Cypriot national final. Although they were first in the jury’s voting, they were 6th (last) in the televoting and so totally ranked in third place. John Karayannis was the winner of the Eurovision Song Project and the one who won the right to represent Cyprus in Vienna.

Below you can watch Minus One performing Shine in the final of Eurovision Song Project:

Source: EuroVisionary, Shotime-cy
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