Maya Sar releases a cover version of her own song Zar Se Nismo Shvatili

Former Eurovision contestant Maya Sar launched a new song on her official YouTube channel last evening. The song titled “Zar Se Nismo Shvatili” is a love ballad about a man, who is regarded as bohemian and who would love to share his life with someone. He finds it difficult to make a commitment though.

Back in 2012 in Baku, Maya Sar represented Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Eurovision Song Contest. She finished 18th in the grand final with the song Korake Ti Znam. However, it was not the only appearance that the 38-year-old pop singer had in the contest. Maya was also a backing vocalist for Deen (In The Disco) in 2004, and for Dino Merlin (Love In Rewind) in 2011.

In 2013 Maya released the only album to date Krive Riječi. Two years later she launched her latest single Naša Ljubav, Naša Kuća. 

Now, she is back with a new song Zar Se Nismo Shvatili, which translates to Didn’t We Understand Each Other. Actually, it is a cover version of her own song, she penned for Zdravko Čolić back in 2013. If the name of Zdravko Čolić sounds familiar, it might because he represented Yugoslavia in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1973. In her version of Zar Se Nismo Shvatili, Maya is accompanied by Goran Kovačić. He plays acoustic guitar in the video. Goran is no stranger to Eurovision Song Contest either. Back in 2007, he co-wrote music for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s entry Rijeka Bez Imena.

In these times where we are deprived of many things, the art is definitely something that still feed us, inspire us and erase the distances between us. My friend, Goran Kovačić, and I give you this song as a gift – a gift for your soul.

Maya Sar on Facebook

A month ago, Maya was planing to release her first single since 2015, but due to the COVID-19 outbreak it has been postponed until further notice.

Below, you can listen to Maya Sar’s acoustic version of Zar Se Nismo Shvatili:

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