First details of the 2016 Greek Eurovision song revealed

The song that will represent Greece at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be a Balkan sound with lyrics that include references to the refugee issue and the economical crisis. Those are some of the details that today was revealed about this year’s Greek entry.

To a Greek news site the president of ERT Mr. Dionisis Tsaknis spoke about the importance of a programme like the Eurovision Song Contest for a TV station like ERT, and he revealed a bit more about the sound of the song which will represent Greece at the 2016 Eurovision Song Contest.

The sound of the song will be Balkan and would be a very happy song. It will not be a miserable song for sure … but it will have a strong Greek music “perfume”. Our aim is not to go to Eurovision not with a… foreign-sounding song, but with our own style and “identity”. The lyrics want to spend an optimistic image of our country, but with references to the refugee issues and economic crisis, however, it will be a very cheerful and optimistic song with a rousing sound.

Mr Tsaknis didn’t reveal the name of the artists that will represent Greece, he said about that “they are not some “known” artists but musicians with talent that will be worthy of the musical requirements of the contest“.

With time restricted, soon we will have the presentation of the Greek song which anxiously we wait, especially after all the changes within the Greek broadcaster after the return of ERT last year. If you want to read more about just how ERT selected their participant, you will find further information in our article from the 27th of January.

While waiting for the 2016 act to be announced, we invite you to watch this Greek Eurovision Highlight video where we have put together some clips from the Greek participation in the years 2009- 2015. The video include clips from press conferences, various concerts and of course the Eurovision Song Contest itself. You will be likely to find some clips you haven’t seen before.

Source: EuroVisionary,, ERT
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