Would the song from Bosnia & Herzegovina move people to vote for it?

Slovakia and Norway sped the tempo up, so it was down to Maya Sar to slow it down a little.  This change of pace may make Europe vote it into the final.

This change of pace has proven very interesting for the chances of Bosnia qualifying for the final.   Maya Sar‘s simple stage setting was very effective.

Maya was sat at a grand piano for most of the song.  Towards the end she stood up and walked to the front of the stage for the final chorus.  She was alone on stage which is always a brave decision although on one of the stage’s ‘islands’ we saw a stage hand standing in for what could be a flautist.  The background was a simple static one of arches and columns with some scaffolding thrown in too.  A sky can be seen behind it that starts dark and changes to orange, as if it was a sunrise.

Overall this song comes across very well now.  They have got things right here – the staging, the camera work, the general simplicity of it all.  It is very very effective.  Bosnia will make the final if they can recreate what we’ve just seen next Thursday.

Keep watching Eurovisionary for more news on Maya Sar when she next rehearses.

Source: Eurovisionary.com
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