Tinkara Kovač will represent Slovenia in Eurovision 2014

Tinkara Kovač is the 20th Slovenian representative in the Eurovision Song Contest. Tinkara Kovač won EMA 2014 (Slovenian national final) with the song Spet (Round and round) and thus will represent the Balkan country in the second semi-final on 8th of May.

Following an exciting national final Tinkara Kovač won the right to fly the Slovenian flag in Copenhagen. In Europe’s favourite show Tinkara Kovač will perform the song Spet (Round and round). EMA 2014 was contested by seven acts who were were chosen in a pre-selection process by an establishied jury comprising by Miša Molk, Darja Švajger (Slovenian entrant in 1995 and 1999) and Andrea F. (radio host, musician and producer).

The songs

1. Omar Naber – I won’t give up – (Music & Lyrics: Omar Naber) 

Omar Naber was the first artist on stage accompanied by an all girl band. Three females were playing a guitar while another one was playing the drums. Omar was clad in a white t-shirt, black trousers and a black jacket. Surely a very similar outfit to his Eurovision appearance in 2005. His voice was very good as he rocked the stage with this type of song.

2. Nermin Puškar & Samuel Lucas – Masquerade (Music & Lyrics: Krešimir Tomec, Igor Leonardi, Nermin Puškar, Lejla Delalić & Donna Osterc)

The first seconds of the song already showed that this act was dramatic. Samuel Lucas started singing the first notes while as soon as the bridge of the song started, a celloist start playing. Samuel is soon joined by Nermin Puškar who together give a very powerful performance. In the chorus the duo did some dance moves on stage.

3. Bilbi – To ni blues (This is not blues) (Music & Lyrics: Maja Pihler Stermecki & Gregor Stermecki) 

Third act of the night was Bilbi and her energetic song. As the title of the song says, it was a blues song. Bilbi was clad in a blue shirt and red flower dress. Bilbi was accompanied by three male and two female dancers who created a great choreography with a touch of retro. Though dancing around, Bilbi’s vocals were very good and the great camera work for this song showed how this performance was convincing.

4. Nude It’s gonna be OK! – (Music & Lyrics: Gaber Marolt) 

It was time for Nude, a five member band. Apart of the lead singer, there was two guitarists, a keyboard player and a drummer. The band interacted well with the audience and the vocals were good but the song was a bit repetetive. In the last part of the song one of the guitarists used a loud speaker to do the backing vocals of the song.

5. Rudi Bučar & Elevators – Tja (There) – (Music & Lyrics: Rudi Bučar) 

Fifth act was Rudi Bučar together with Elevators who presented a rock song. The lead singer was playing a guitar while he was joined by another guitarist, keyboard player and a drummer. The performers showed great passion to their rock song and there were some flashing lights on stage. The vocals were good as the other guitarist connected with the steady camera which was going around.  

6. Tinkara Kovač – Spet (Round and round) – (Music & Lyrics: Raay, Tinkara Kovač, Hannah Mancini & Tina Piš)

Tinkara was next on stage. She played the first notes with her flute. Tinkara was accompanied by two guitarists, a percussionist and two female backing vocals. The performance was different from the rest and awind machine was also used in the last part of the song which was performed in Slovenian. The vocal performance was strong as this stood up from the rest.

7. Muff – Let me be (myself) – (Music & Lyrics: Tadej Košir, Anže Kacafura, Miha Gorše & Senidah Hajdarpašić)

The last competing act of the night was Muff with the lead singer clad in a long red flamenco style dress. The dress didn’t suit the style of song. The lead singer was joined by a pianist and five backing vocals, who were surely inviting the audience to sing the catchy chorus. Two of the backing vocals were playing the guitar while another two were playing the drums. 

The show

This year’s national final was hosted by actress and presenter Ula Furlan. Ths Slovenian beauty is currently on screen with the Življenje Tomaža Kajzerja (The Life of Tomaž Kajzer) television series. A recap of all Slovenian past entries was shown in the begining of the show.The 2011 Slovenian entrant Maja Keuc performed her hit single Close To You during the interval act.

The voting

Initially Tinkara Kovač and Muff were announced as the two super finalists. Tinkara Kovač was declared as winner of the national final through tele-voting. 

Slovenia at the Eurovision Song Contest

Slovenia debuted in the contest in 1993. The country’s best result was a seventh place obtained in 1995 by Darja Švajger and her song Prisluhni mi and by Nuša Derenda, who performed Energy in 2001. In recent years the country failed to impress in Europe’s favourite show. Slovenia failed to make it to the final in the last two years. Last time the country appeared in the final was in 2011 when Maja Keuc sang the song No One. That year Keuc came third in the second semi-final and thirteenth in the grand final.

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Source: RTVSLO / EuroVisionary.com
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