SVT reveals first ideas of ESC 2013 – Only one host during the show

Today SVT presented some of their thoughts and ideas about the coming Eurovision Song Contest in Malmö. There are plans to renew the contests by promoting the values of the human rights, create more interest for the event and going back to using one host only during the show.

Martin Österdahl, the executive producer for the Eurovision Song Contest 2013, explains that there is a strong tradition of moving the contest into a new direction from SVT and Swedens side. Martin sees the contest in Stockholm and Globen as a milestone for the modern Eurovision. This was the first time the contest moved into a big, modern arena and using new moveable LED technique on stage. He also goes back to 1985 and the memorable moment when Lill-Lindfors dropped her skirt, a joke that created a "wow-moment" and has been a source of inspiration in the discussions about 2013.

To develop the contest the organising group of 2013 has set the slogan "unleash the full potential" as a leading star. According to Martin there is a grand and nice idea behind the Eurovision Song Contest in the same way as there is an olympic idea behind the Olympic Games. But in the case of Eurovisoin this is perhaps not something that is well known and has not been told yet says Martin Österdahl. There is an ongoing work now from SVT’s side to put this idea into practise. It’s about to embrace the unique wealth of people, cultures, music and party spirit that can be found in Europe continues Martin. To learn about cultures and to overbridge differences in Europe is important. It was something that was important in the 50’s after two World Wars raged the continent and is important still today.

The organising group from SVT wants to take the opportunity to arrange the Eurovision Song Contest in a way that creates interest for other cultures and curiosity for other countries. Martin explains that this is the perfect platform to reach out with a message about that all people are equal.

SVT itself are not getting involved in political issues but the in the radio- and TV laws it can be found that SVT should promote democracy and human rights. And democracy is about humans equal rights, adds Martin. These are values that we carry with us in our heart. When producing acts and chosing the songs for Melodifestivalen we have year after year followed the line to produce something for everyone, for the familiy, in the whole country.

From the the slogan "Unleashing the full potential" the organising group has formulated four core values:

  • Create real curiosity
  • Create wow-moments
  • Create true relations
  • Create passion that stays

Something that has been mentioned in the planning of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013 is Loreens esthetics and values. Loreen has been a fantastic winner in many ways, a person with good values and a modern woman with a fantastic song, says Martin. He also clarifies that Loreens meeting with organisations who worked for human rights in Azerbaijan was her own on initiative and that it was of course inspiring for SVT to see that since they shares the same values.

Martin revelas that there will be only one host in the show, something that hasn’t been seen since 1995. The host will have a more integrated role with the programme compared to hosts in other years. More details about this will follow from SVT.

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