Sofi takes us on a Club 18-30 holiday

Bulgarian temptress Sofi Marinova took the stage today thankfully dressed in something slightly more conservative. Gone is the frightful leopard print worn in the last rehearsal – she has hopefully made the shrewd move to go for something more classy. But how did her vocals hold up?

She came on stage today with what looked like her sem final outfit being help up in front of the camera – a beige corset creation. Whether or not this would be a suitable choice on her part is however highly debatable.

The clubby vibe to Love Unlimited is still strong, but it certainly sounds as if Sofi was under some strain today – during her first rehearsal, she hit quite a few bum notes and on the second run through she screeched in parts. The background remains unchanged from the first rehearsal – vivid purple and pink wavesstill dominate the backdrop, but there are certain other segments of the visual presentation that soon become way too busy and overpowering.

The marriage of ethnic and club anthem does work to a certain extent, but the overall quality may well be just a little too patchy to draw the viewers and their votes en masse and to make any impression on the average viewer.

Going on Sofi’s tow rehearsals thus far, there is only a limited amount of appeal for this particular genre – if it is to succeed, then it just has to be made of better stuff than this, which regrettably sounds decidely average so far. If things don’t improve, then Sofi’s chances of qualifying are slim indeed.

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