Sertab Erener goes Classical: Ey Şûh-i Sertab

The only Turkish winner, Sertab Erener, has released a new album called Ey Şûh-i Sertab, two years after her previous album, Rengarenk. Sertab got her name from her father after he had heard the song Ey Şûh-i Sertab which is also the name of the album. It is a Turkish Classical Music album in a markedly different style to her previous work. 

The official release date was the1st of April but the album has actually only just appeared in the European stores. This album follows up her album which proved to be a best seller, spending months on the Turkish charts. The album shows a change of style for Sertab Erener stepping away from Turkish pop to Turkish classical music which many music critics described as a brave move. The title of the album, Ey Şûh-i Sertab has a special meaning for the famous singer as she was given the name by her father after he had heard the song Ey Şûh-i Sertab.

The album is released on the Offense Record label, making use of well known Turkish classical music instruments, in addition to the traditional instruments Rebab and Latva which have been used since time immemorial in Turkish music.  As it is a classical album, the songs have been chosen from the most famous Turkish classical entries so far and originally belong to Emine Semahat Özdenses, Münir Nureddin Selçuk, Osman Nihat Akın, Saadeddin Kaynak, Zeki Müren, Yesari Asım Ersoy, Tanburi Mustafa Çavuş, Lemi Atlı, İsmail Hakkı Bey, Kemani Serkis Efendi:

1. Akşam Oldu Hüzünlendim Ben Yine
2. Şimdi Uzaklardasın
3. Dertliyim Rûhuma Hicrânım
4. Fikrimin İnce Gülü
5. Niçin Baktın Bana Öyle
6. Çile Bülbülüm
7. Biz Heybeli de Her Gece
8. Ada Sahillerinde
9. Darıldın mı Gülüm Bana
10. Kimseye Etmem Şikayet
11. Bir İhtimal Daha Var
12. Dök Zülfünü Meydâne Gel
13. Kırmızı Gülün Alı Var
14. Dönülmez Akşamın Ufkundayız
15. Ey Şûh-i Sertab Ey Dürr-i Nâyâb

The songs have been recorded by the musicians who are students and instructors at İstanbul Technical University. The producer of the album is GNL Entertainment and the CD album can be found in most stores. Meanwhile the album has already made its debut at no #1 in D&R Stores throughout Turkey. Below you can hear some songs releated to the album:

Source: EuroVisionary
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