Paolo Meneguzzi – New Abum Released 14th March

In a message on his myspace site, Paolo Meneguzzi, this years Swiss representative, reveals his new album which has been released on 14th March.

His message says that the album, called ‘Corro Via’ (I’m Running Away) is an intense piece of rock. He also says that it is different from his previous album, more aggressive and energetic. He says he believes, that the album which of course includes his Eurovision Song Contest entry Era Stupendo, is the most beautiful he has ever made.

He ends by saying “There is evidence of a real situation of a generation which can’t go out and find its true path, and therefore runs away from a world it doesn’t like to search for a space where it can live and even find love.


1. Anche se non vuoi
2. Grande
3. Era stupendo
4. Vai via
5. Corro
6. Mai più qui
7. Un giornco che non va
8. Volo libero
9. Vicina c ome un Angelo
10. Da troppo tempo
11. Abbiamo perso
12. Angeli 


Paolo Meneguzzi’s Official myspace Site
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Source: Paolo Meneguzzi's Official myspace Site, EuroVisionary
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