No Angels release album in two limited editions

While preparing for the Eurovision Song Contest the German band No Angels has released their album; Destiny Reloaded. Fans can choose between two limited editions, both of them, of course, features their Eurovision entry Disappear.

Fans of No Angels will notice that the album is quite similar to their previous album simply called "Destiny". As the new title also indicates then it is a kind of re-release. "Destiny Reloaded" comes in two editions and the first version called “Pur” offers the original album plus the song Disappear.

The second version is called “Luxury” and indeed it has a lot more to offer. Aside from the original album it includes a lot of other songs, various versions of their Eurovision Song Contest entry, live footage and a photo gallery. The luxury edition is of course a double CD.

Track lists can be found below and both editions can be ordered via Amazon.

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Track list for Luxury edition:

CD Nr. 1
1 Disappear
2 Been Here Before
3 Teardrops (Single Version)
4 Amaze Me
5 I Believe In You
6 I Had A Feeling
7 Maybe (Tomasino Remix)
8 Make A Change
9 Back Off
10 Been Here Before (Tomasino Remix)
11 Misguided Heart
12 I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
13 Maybe
14 Secrets Out
15 What If
16 Goodbye To Yesterday
17 A Reason
18 Ain’t Gonna Look The Other Way
19 The Rhythm Of My Heart

CD Nr. 2
1 Live In Concert
2 Disappear
3 No Angels Foto Slideshow
4 Still In Love With You
5 Maybe
6 I Had A Feeling
7 Amaze Me
8 Daylight In Your Eyes
9 Rivers Of Joy
10 All Cried Out
11 Goodbye To Yesterday
12 Making Of "Goodbye To Yersterday"
13 Maybe
14 Maybe
15 Amaze Me
16 Amaze Me
17 Teardrops
18 Disappear
19 Disappear
20 No Angels – Photo Gallery

Track list for “pur” edition:

1. Disappear
2 Goodbye To Yesterday
3 I Believe In You
4 Been Here Before
5 Amaze Me
6 Maybe
7 I Had A Feeling
8 Make A Change
9 Back Off
10 What If
11 I Don’t Wanna Talk About It
12 Misguided Heart
13 A Reason
14 The Rhythm Of My Heart

Source: EuroVisionary
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