New album from Birthe Kjær released next month

She celebrated her 40 years anniversary 5 years ago, later this year she turns 65, but Birthe Kjær appears nowhere near her pension as she is about to release yet another new album. The singer who came third in the Eurovision Song Contest in 1989 is also back touring.

For many Melodi Grand Prix and Eurovision fans Birthe Kjær‘s Vi Maler Byen Rød from 1989 stand as something special. The up tempo pop song went straight to many hearts and also accieved a well deserved third place at the Eurovision Song Contest in Lausanne. For Birthe it was "three is a charm" as she had previously been the runner up twice in the national final in Denmark.

In 2005 Birthe Kjær suffered from a heart attack when she was taking part in the Danish edition of Stricly Come Dancing and in 2008 she was able to celebrate her 40 years anniversary in the music business, but despite that her birth certificate reveals the pension age nothing points towards Birthe stopping. She has recently been recording a bunch of new songs, which will be included on the new album simply titled Birthe

The album is produced by Søren Bundgaard, who most will remember as one half of the duo Kirsten & Søren aka Hot Eyes, who represented Denmark at the Eurovision Song Contest a total of three times in the 1980’s accievening several high placements and their songs a status as classics. He was also with Birthe on stage at the international contest in 1989. Later he went on to being a producer, but last year we saw him in an unexpected comeback as he was one of the songwriters behind Eva Boto‘s song Run in the Slovenian national final.

According to CDON the album will hit the stores on the 11th of March. A tracklist is not yet available, but the album is mentioned to be a a combination of brand new songs and some new versions of good pop songs.

Birthe’s last album Smile was released in 2011 and included 12 cover versions of well known clasics – all of them in English and in Swing style. You can read more about that album in our review from back then.

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Source: CDON, EuroVisionary
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