Mista impresses China with succesful tour and promotion

Mista has taken her music and performances to China after being signed up by the most popular record label, Gold Typhoon.  Mista finished second in the 2010 Slovakian Eurovision national selection and has had considerable success in Europe and now she is being recognised for her talents in Asia.

The marketing/promoter for Gold Typhoon label in China is Jinny Shen.  She said the act is very special and China is very precise in bringing artists from another country.

Mista’s music is having a huge impact on the dance floors of China dance clubs.  The record company invited Mista to tour some major cities and the biggest night clubs.  Mista has created an amazing atmosphere with the crowds and everybody is loving the performances.

Before each performance Mista held press conferences for the media and press.  Mista has been recording special messages in the Chinese languages for broadcast on radio.  The associated record company ToCo ASIA represented by Carl Parker has arranged the top dancers from Hong Kong to travel with Mista and perform on the stage at all the venues.

Mista’s most recent single, Cash Out, is now on the playlists of all the major radio stations in China and they await with anticipation the release of the new album.

You can see video of Mista at Muse club in Shanghai below.

Source: EuroVisionary; www.mistamusic.com
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