Miodio premier their new album: Avantgarde

The only former San Marinese representative, Miodio, have released their new album Avantgarde. The group premiered the album for the first time last Saturday at Atlante Shopping Center, in San Marino.

The album, Avantgarde, was officially released on 17th of December and premiered the day after, at Atlante Shopping Center in San Marino. The album includes 12 strong songs which also include the well known song Complice that represented San Marino in Belgrade at the Eurovision Song Contest. The complete tracklist is as follows:

  1. I Feel
  2. Evoluzione Genetica
  3. Perdo Contatto
  4. It’s Ok
  5. Credo
  6. Nel Tuo Respiro
  7. Complice
  8. Realtà Virtuale
  9. Chiudi Gli Occhi
  10. Rock’n’roll Robot
  11. Il Cielo Sopra Noi
  12. Oltre le Nuvole
The first song I Feel, saw a lot of interest, as it’s known this song was submitted to the Swiss preselections for the Eurovision Song Contest finals to be held in Düsseldorf.  Evalizuone Genetica took part at the 59th SanRemo Music Festival online contest, reaching a top 5 placing. Perdo Contatto was also entered into the Sanremo Festival, in the online newcomers section. Oltre Le Nuvole is actually the Italian version of Dincolo De Nori (Romania, 1994). The CD is already available in the San Marino music stores, or it’s possible to buy contacting directly the band directly at: [email protected]  and later on 2011, the whole album is due for release on itunes.
To refresh you rmemory, you can watch Miodio’s Eurovision Song Contest performance below:


Source: EuroVisionary
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