Lucía Pérez releases her sixth album, Quitapenas

Lucía Pérez has released her sixth album, which is also the first one after her participation at the 2011 Eurovision Song Contest representing Spain. Quitapenas marks a turning point in her career, both songs – and production wise. 

Quitapenas began to take shape in mid-2012 with different authors writing unreleased tracks for the album. Over thirty songs were collected, some demos were recorded, and in October 2013 the final repertoire for the album was completed.

Then, the recording process of the album began by contacting some of the best musicians out there at the moment in Spain who started working on the musical arrangements. It was decided to record the songs of this album in the Montepríncipe Studies in Madrid under the technical direction of Bori Alarcón.

In the spring of 2014, having decided the title and the atmosphere of the album, it was time to take the pictures to illustrate it. After discarding several options, they picked a place where colour predominated and the photo session took place at the restaurant La Mordida in Madrid by the photographer Gonzalo P. Martos.

While the multidisciplinar artist collective Boamistrura worked on the artistic design of the album, the musicians Iñaki García, Paco Salazar, Mondy Alonso, Álex Serrano, Gonzalo Purón and Xabier Pérez together with the backing singers and of course Lucía Pérez and her producer Chema Purón, gave the final touch to the songs of Quitapenas.

The title of the album is kind of a pun which means something like "sorrow killer". For six weeks they worked hard to express what for so many months they had been building and finally, in the early days of June, the recording was finished and ready to be listened to.

The album has an impressive start with the track Después De Ti, which means After You. It is a song of contrasts ranging from a tone of intimacy to the more upbeat rhythms.

Quitapenas, the title track, immediately transmits a sense of celebration and joy with a pace that invites the listener to dance. This song has all the ingredients to become very popular and it is one of the catchiest tracks of the album together with Qué Más Da, which means Who Cares.

Among the songs of the album is also worth noting Dímelo Tú (Tell Me) or Lo Que Piensas Que Yo Pienso (What You Think I Think), that are strong ballads in which Lucía may show from beginning to end her extraordinary vocal ability.

Lucía dares to experiment with new sounds like reggae and latin pop rock and the album also includes a version of Mike Oldfield’s hit Moonlight Shadow and a melancholic song in the Galician language called Sete Chorares.

The maturity of her voice, the musical variety and the undoubted quality of this work will not go unnoticed.

The album’s full track listing is as follows:

01. Despues De Ti
02. Quitapenas
03. Paraíso Perdido
04. Dímelo Tú
05. Siempre Igual
06. Tú Sin Mí
07. Restos De Escenario
08. Qué Más Da
09. Lo Que Piensas Que Yo Pienso
10. Sombra De La Luna
11. Ganador Y Perdedor
12. Sete Chorares

In the video you can listen to the title track Quitapenas and below you will also find a link to purchase the album.

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