Lotta Engberg to have many Eurovision and national final guests in Liseberg this season

Stockholm has Allsång På Skansen and Gothenburg has Lotta På Liseberg. In Sweden they like sing a long programmes and all through the summer plenty of well known names will join Lotta Engberg in the amusement park Liseberg in Gothenburg.

Lotta Engberg, who represented Sweden at the 1987 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Boogaloo, will be hosting the sing a long programme titled "Lotta På Liseberg" that takes place every Monday from the 25th of June to the 13th of August.

For fans of Melodifestivalen and the Eurovision Song Contest the programme for the 2012 season looks very interesting.

25th of June:

  • Lill-Babs represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1961 singing April, April.
  • Lisa Miskovsky participated in the Swedish selection, Melodifestivalen, this year with the song Why Start A Fire, which reached the final where it came 9th.
  • Rasmus Seebach is Denmark’s best selling artists these years. He happens to be son of Tommy Seebach, who represented Denmark a total of three times at the Eurovision Song Contest.
  • Thomas Di Leva also participated at the Swedish selection this year, but he however failed to reach the final with the song Ge Aldrig Uup

2nd of July:

  • Christer Sjögren participated in Melodifestivalen in 2008 with the song I Love Europe and again in 2012 in a duet with Lotta Engberg titled Don’t Let Me Down.
  • Sean Banan managed to reach the second chance round in the 2012 edition of Melodifestivalen loosing in second duel with the song Sean Den Förste Banan.
  • Arvingarna represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1993 with the song Eloise which came 7th, but also participated in Melodifestivalen in 1995, 1999 and 2002. 
  • Linda Bengtzing is quite an MF veteran as well having participated in 2005 with Alla Flickor, in 2006 (Jag Ljuger Så Bra), in 2008 (Hur Svårt Kan Det Va?) and again in 2011 singing E De Fel På Mig.

9th of July:

  • Loa Falkman participated in the Swedish Melodifestivalen in 1990 with the song Symfonin, which came last, but later became quite a cult hit.
  • GöteborgsOperan with Chess (Philip Jalmelid och Christopher Wollter) (No Eurovision or national final participation)
  • Charlotte Perrelli represented Sweden at the 1999 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Take Me To Your Heaven which went on to winning the contest. In 2008 she was back after winning Melodifestivalen with the song Hero.
  • Youngblood is another name who got their MF debut this year with the song also titled Youngblood. The song, written by Fredrik Kempe, reached the second chance round.

16th of July:

  • Tooji represented Norway at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest with the song Stay, which reached the final where it finished last.
  • Kikki Danielsson & Tore Halvorsen – Kikki represented Sweden twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. First as one half of the duo Chips in 1982 with the song Dag Efter Dag and again solo in 1985 coming third singing Bra Vibrationer. In total she has participated in the Swedish selection 9 times and once in the Norwegian one. Tore is a member of the Norwegian band Ole Ivars which participated at the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix in 2008 singing Som I Himmelen.
  • Elisabeth Andreassen with Solid Gospel – Elisabeth Andreassen was the other half of Chips who represented Sweden in 1982. Aside from that she also represented Norway three times: In 1985 as a part of Bobbysocks who won the 1985 contest with La Det Swinge, in 1994 coming 6th with the song Duett together with Jan Werner Danielsen and again in 1996 achieving a second position solo by singing I Evighet. She has participated in the Swedish selection a total of 6 times and in the Norwegian selection 5 times.     
  • Frida Amundsen 
    (No Eurovision or national final participation)

23rd of July

  • Svante Thuresson represented Sweden at the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest in a duet with Lill Lindfors. Their entry Nygammal Vals ended second. He also took part in the Swedish selection in 2002 singing Första Gången together with Anne-Lie Rydé
  • Sonja Aldén has participated three times at Melodifestivalen. First time in 2006 with the song Etymon, in 2007 with För Att Du Finns and again in 2012 singing I Din Himmel
  • Andreas Weise  (No Eurovision or national final participation)
  • Caroline af Ugglas has twice participated in the Swedish selection: In 2007 singing Tror På Dig and again in 2009 where she came second with the song Snälla, Snälla.

30th of July:

  • Owe Thörnqvist (No Eurovision or national final participation)
  • Robin Stjernberg (No Eurovision or national final participation)
  • Markoolio participated as a joker in Melodifestivalen in 2009 failing to reach the final with the song Kärlekssång Från Mig, but he got quite famous for his MF parody song Värsta Schlagern together with Linda Bengtzing in 2007.
  • Nanne Grönvall has participated in Melodifestivalen a total of 8 times as artists and/or songwriter – and won the ticket for the Eurovision Song Contest once. That was in 1996 as a part of One More Time that finished third singing Den Vilda. In 2000 she also participated in the British selection, but ended on a 4th place. 

6th of August:

  • Towa Carson got her Melodifestivalen debut back in 1967 where she sang two songs, that finished 4th and 5th. The year after, in 1968, she was back finishing third. After many years of absence Towa returned in 2004 with C’est La Vie, which she performed together with Ann-Louise Hanson and Siw Malmkvist
  • Christer Lindarw has participated twice in MF as a part of the dragshow group After Dark. First time in 2004 with La Dolce Vita that came third. In 2007 they tried again, but failed to qualify for the final with the song Åh, När Ni Tar Saken I Egna Händer.
  • Molly Sandén represented Sweden in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest in 2006 where she came third with the song Det Finaste Någon Kan Få. In 2009 and 2012 she participated in Melodifestivalen reaching the final both times. She accieved her best result this year with her own co-written song Why Am I Crying?, which came 5th.   
  • Tone Damli & Eric Saade – Tone participated in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix selection in 2009 finishing second with the song Butterflies. Eric represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2011 coming third with Popular, but the year before he also participated in Melodifestivalen with the song Manboy, which brought him a third place in the final. 

13th of August:

  • Lena Ph also known as Lena Philipsson represented Sweden at the 2004 Eurovision Song Contest and came 5th with the song It Hurts. Before that she has participated in the Swedish selection three times before as a singer and twice as a songwriter. 
  • David Lindgren participated in this year’s Melodifestivalen with the song Shout It Out which went to the final where it finished 4th.
  • Linnea Henriksson (No Eurovision or national final participation)
  • Hagsätra Sport (Andreas Johnson and Niklas Strömstedt) – Andreas is quite an MF veteran having participated 5 times: As a solo singer in 2006 (Sing For Me – 3rd place), 2007 (A Little Bit Of Love – 2nd place), 2010 (We Can Work It Out – 6th place) and again in 2012 singing Lovelight, which only made it to the second chance round. In 2008 he participated in a duet with Carola Häggkvist with the song One Love, which also made it to the second chance round. Despite having had big success as a singer Niklas has only participated once as a singer in MF. That was in 2008 with his own written song För Många Ord Om Kärlek, which didn’t reach the final. In 1992 he however represented Sweden at the Eurovision Song Contest as a songwriter to Christer Björkman‘s song I morgon Är En Annan Dag.

All the shows will be broadcast directly in Swedish TV4. There is both seating and standing places available for free. The seating places will be handed out from the opening time of Liseberg on each show day. Tickets can not be reserved. 

Source: Liseberg.se, Wikipedia, EuroVisionary
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