İstanbul running to Kenan Doğulu

İstanbul, the biggest city of Turkey, will have big preperations for the marathon "HumanRace", which will be running in 25 cities from all over the world. The biggest prize will be a Kenan Doğulu concert for more than 50.000 people at the end of the race.

"Shake it up" Kenan, the 2007 Eurovision representative of Turkey, will be having a huge concert on 31st of August at Kuruçeşme Arena, İstanbul after "HumanRace" ends. More than 50.000 people in İstanbul and more than 1 million people from several cities will be having great fun with the famous stars at the end of the race.

"HumanRace" is an organisation that was created by the Nike sport company. The organisation includes a huge marathon at the same time in 25 cities from all over the world, including Los Angeles, New York, Taipei, İstanbul, London, Melbourne, Madrid, Shangai, Sao Paolo, Vancouver and Paris.

Millions of people will begin running with the start whistle from Taipei – the furthest east of the organisation, and they will stop running with the finish whistle in Los Angeles – the most west of the organisation. People will be running to the most famous places that their cities have: Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, Mexico City’s historical city centre, Los Angeles’ Collesium, Taipei’s 101 buildings (the highest buildings ever)… In İstanbul people will have to start from Bosphorus Bridge, which let people meet where Asia & Europe meet, and it will end at Kuruçeşme Arena and Kenan Doğulu will be waiting for them.

Nike announced that all the marathons will be open for everyone and EuroVisionary brings you to this experience. More information about joining can be found Nike’s offical website below.



Source: EuroVisionary, Nike - Human Race
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