Former Eurovision stars Rombley and Jacott release duet

Soul sisters Edsilia Rombley and Ruth Jacott have given the Netherlands two of their highest placings within the last twenty years at Eurovision. The time was finally right for both artists to combine creative forces and give their Dutch fans a treat.

Two times Dutch Eurovision entrant Edsilia Rombley reportedly approached Ruth Jacott with the idea of working together, to which Jacott told Dutch website "My answer was "yes" straight away. Edsilia is one of my favourite fellow artistes." The duo came together on the new single Uit Het Oog, Niet Uit Mijn Hart (From the Eye, Not From My Heart), written coincidentally by Eurovision veterans Jochem Fluitsma, responsible for the Dutch entries from 1998 (Hemel en Aarde), 1993 (Vrede) and Rombley’s husband, Tjeerd Oosterhuis, responsible for the Dutch entry from 2007 (On Top Of The World).

According to the two divas, the song is about two friends who have somehow lost touch but end up finding each other again. The song is to feature on Edsilia’s new album and is apparently a song which "any woman can identify herself with" Jacott tells’s followers. She also goes on to say: "We don’t exactly live in each other’s pockets, because we’re both really busy. Besides, Edsilia recently became a mother. Whenever we see each other we always have a good laugh. The collaboration has been so enjoyable." When asked why a duet between the two hasn’t come about earlier, Jacott couldn’t give a concrete reason : "I don’t know, to be honest – it just happened, not something that was planned. The time just felt right."

The music video for the new single has been recorded in Amsterdam, with a lot of clips from the studio sessions featuring the two bubbly friends. Ruth Jacott also further divulges that she will be releasing a new album in 2012, which she is currently working on, apparently inundated with demos to choose album material from. The star confirms that her next release will indeed be a Dutch language album.


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Source:, EuroVisionary
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