Eva & Nika release their debut video

Nika and Eva Prusnik finished runners up in the 2012 Slovenian EMA competition.  Now they have just released their debut video for their new song, Pridi v ring. Their youth and enthusiasm shines on this upbeat and happy song.

Nika & Eva Prusnik took part in the Misija Evrovizija competition in Slovenia and went all the way to the  2012 EMA final where they had three songs and finished in second place with Konichiwa.

The new song is written by Bilba and Gregor Stermeck and is produced by Theodore Amonovićem.  The video was directed by Jure Plešec with Matejem David.

The video was filmed in Rog gallery in Ljubljana.  The girls have a lot of creative energy and this is recreated in the video.

Nika and Eva have been busy since the EMA with the Youth On The Move project in Slovenia and toured the country where they helped young people believe in their dreams by learning and studying.

You can see the video of Pridi v ring below. 

Source: EuroVisionary
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