EuroVisionary: 2009 Voting Analysis – Day 1: Andorra

The Eurovision Song Contest ended a few months ago but it is still being talked about because of the new voting system. According to EBU officials, the new voting procedure opened new windows. On EuroVisionary, you will be able to find a voting analysis for each country based on the new system. Today our highlighted country is Andorra.

Andorra is one of the least populated countries in the Eurovision Song Contest and Andorran televoting can change everything at anytime. Andorra joined the contest in 2004 and they have never reached the final up to now. Let’s take a look at the Andorran voting:


Andorra opens the voting with 1 point given to the United Kingdom. This is the second time the United Kingdom has received points from Andorra. Daz Sampson received 2 points in 2006.

Finland is the one of the lucky countries in terms of receiving points from Andorra. They have received points in the final every year except 2007, when Andorra used a 100% jury voting system. Ten points in 2006, 4 points in 2008 and this year only 2 points from the televote.

Three points went to one of the furthest countries, Romania, in televoting. It’s well known that Romania always takes points from Sout West Europe from countries such as Spain, but Andorra’s three points should give some happiness to the Balkan Girls.

Although Sweden is not a familiar country for Andorran music, this year Malena took 4 points from Andorra. It is believed that Malena’s song La Voix, which is sung in French, had the biggest effect on Andorran voters.

As every country loved beautiful Johanna, Andorran people gave 5 points to Iceland. Andorra has no trend on voting and voters pleasure is the main effect on the votes and we could say Andorrans are fair voters.

Patricia Kaas is a very well known singer in Western Europe, in fact all over the world and this includes Andorra too. Six points went to France with indirect neigbourly voting, although Patricia totally deserves more from a possible neighbourly vote.

It is time to leave West Europe and Israel took 7 points from Andorra suprisingly as many points had not been given to that country up to now. Andorra only gave that many points in 2005 when Israel came 4th with Shiri Maimon. It seemed they liked There Must Be Another Way a lot.

For the top points, it is not easy to break the tradition. But this year. Alexander broke the devil’s leg and Norway took 8 points from Andorra. He may have acheived the highest points total ever in the contest, but it is sure that Alexander took his one of the least points from Andorra.

Portugal & Spain are the countries who always try to get 12 points, but Spain was always winning the 12 points until this year when Portugal won the televoting with approximately 15% of Portuguese people living in Andorra. Although giving 12 from televoting to Portugal, the Spanish jurors gave nil point to Flor-De-Lis and Soraya took 12 points in the combined vote.

Andorra is the one of the special countries at the contest who doesn’t have a trend. Croatia, F.Y.R. Macedonia, Belarus, Bulgaria & Estonia are unlucky countries who could not take the benefit of unsure trend. Let’s see how the points were affected by the new voting system:

Combined Results:

1 Point:     Malta ( nil from televote)
2 points:   Sweden
3 points:   France
4 points:   United Kingdom
5 points:   Denmark (nil from televote)
6 points:   Portugal (12 points from televote)
7 points:   Israel
8 points:   Iceland
10 points: Norway
12 points: Spain

As the new system has come in this year, something has changed with the final combined results, which is seeded by televote and jury voting. With the new system, Malta (1p.) and Denmark (5p.) are taking points even though they had none from televoting. Portugal also got less points than the televote gave them, only being awarded 6 points. Finland and Romania are the countries who took nil point although they had been given some points in the televote.

If you wish to be reminded, you can watch the semi final performance of Andorra with Susanne Georgi below: La teva decisio (It’s your decision):

Source: Eurovisionary
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