The Danish charts two weeks after Dansk Melodi Grand Prix

It is now two weeks ago Basim won Dansk Melodi Grand Prix 2014 with his Cliché Love Song, but how is it doing on the charts and have any of the others made it there? And not the least, is the official album once again selling well? EuroVisionary take the temperature on the Danish charts two weeks after its national final.

The official Dansk Melodi Grand Prix album is usually selling quite well in Denmark and this year is no exception. It was released on the day of the final, the 8th of March, and has in the past two weeks sold enough to make it to the charts.

On the album top40, which covers physically sold CD’s as well as open official downloads, it went straight in as #7 and in the second weeks even raised to 4th position. On the bit album top20, which is for download sales from various subscription services, it went in at the very top position and dropped to #3 for the second week.

On that bit album list we also found Rebekka Thornbech‘s debut album which was also released on the day of the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix. She came third in the competition with the song Your Lies and that sparked a great interest in her album So Be It. She entered at #12 and in the second week she improved her position to a current 7th place.

On the open single top40 Basim‘s winner song Cliché Love Song went in as #2, a position it managed to keep in the second week as well. In the second week the song also entered the bit track top20 by capturing the first position. In the second week we also saw it entering the streaming top20 as #2.

The competitions second place Wanna Be Loved by Michael Rune feat. Natascha Bessez was to be found at #9 in the first week. In the second week they dropped six places to #15. In the second week they entered as #12 on the bit track top20.

Also songs that didn’t make it to the superfinal of Dansk Melodi Grand Prix have seen success on the bit track top20: Anna David and her song It Hurts made it straight to #8 and Emelie Moldow at #20 with her participating entry Vi Finder Hjem

Last year’s Eurovision Song Contest winner Emmelie de Forest recently released Rainmaker as single. That is the song which is also the official theme song for this year’s Eurovision held in Copenhagen, Denmark. With a total of three weeks on the track top40 it is now #10. We also find her Eurovision winning song Only Teardrops on that list  as it has just re-entered into #33.

The Danish Junior MGP is held the week after Dansk Melodi Grand Prix, which means that the second week is where we would see the official album making the charts – and this year was no exception. It went straight into album top40 as best selling album and on the bit album top20… it also took the top position!

On the album top40 we also find the former national finalists, Kandis at #20 and Bamses Vennner‘s Greatest Hits album 40 Af De Fede at #33. The latter represented Denmark at the 1980 Eurovision Song Contest with the song Tænker Altid På Dig. Despite their leadsinger passing away some years ago, albums with them are still selling well, this one now with a total of 18 weeks on the chart.

If anyone wants to know who is the absolute top star in Denmark at the moment, they need to look at Triple Danish Eurovision participant Tommy’s Seebach‘s son, Rasmus Seebach. The past few years he has been Denmark’s best selling artist. Just take a look at the charts: He has released three albums. All of them are to be found on the album top40, the first one with a total of 205 weeks, the second one with 126 weeks and the third and newest with 19 weeks. In other words, he releases an album, it goes straight into the chart and there it stays week after week, month after month, year after year! If you want to know what the Danes consider the best they have to offer on the music scene, he is one to listen to.

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