Croatia reveals details of song for Malmö

Croatian broadcaster HRT has released more information of the song it will send to Malmö for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.  Goran Topolovec has been appointed to write a song that will hopefully bring success to the Adriatic nation.

Croatia has taken a step closer to sending a song to Malmö, by revealing more details.  While HRT has not yet selected a performer, the song will be called Mižerja (misery).  Writer Goran Topolovec hails from the town of Duga Resa near the border with Slovenia, and has written the song.  A second song, Cili svit za bili cvit, written by Miroslav Buljan of Zagreb has been shortlisted as a reserve.  The songs were chosen after a public call for songs that were then reviewed by a panel at HRT. 

HRT had already announced that the song would be in the traditional ‘Klapa’ style – see our earlier article.  Mojmir Čačija, one of the panel members, is a leading exponent of this Croatian style of music.  We have heard it on the Eurovisoon stage before in the song Moja štikla performed by Severina in 2006 (Youtube video below).  A Klapa ensemble usually consists of four voices: two tenor, one baritone and one bass.

More details of the singers will be announced sometime during February.

This year will see Croatia’s 21st participation in the Eurovision Song Contest.  The country’s best finishing position was 4th in 1996 (Maja Blagdan and Sveta ljubav) and 1999 (Doris Dragovic and Marija Magdelena).  Their recent performance, however, has been patchy, last making the Saturday night final in 2009 in Moscow.

In Baku in 2012, Nina Badric performed Nebo, which finished 12th in the second semi-final.  You can see the Eurovisionary 3D video of her performance below if you have a pair of suitable glasses.  It can, however, also be watched in 2D.  Nina also spoke to Eurovisionary during her time in Baku, and you can see her interview below.

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