Video: EuroVisionary talked to Sinplus in 3D

Last night EuroVisionary had the pleasure to talk to Sinplus, who represents Switzerland at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. The short casual interview was recorded in 3D to make these two guys come out of the screen and stand out even more.

Here in Baku EuroVisionary have already been recording rehearsals in 3D, but last night it was time for the first interview in 3D – and what would be more natural than to start with the two charming guys together called Sinplus who are here to represent Switzerland with the song Unbreakable?

We therefore paired our Azerbaijani journalist Gunel Mamedzade with the two Swiss for a very casual talk about their stay in Baku.

We strongly recommend watching this in 3D as it was recorded, but if you do not have a pair of suitable glasses you can turn 3D off in the player below and watching it in regular 2D.

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