Sinéad Mulvey talks about her plans to “Rock Russia”

The woman herself, Sinéad Mulvey, took a few minutes to have a chat with us about her Eurosong win on Friday night. She let us know how she felt, her hopes for Moscow and much, much more.

How does it feel?
It feels absolutely amazing. I’m over the moon.

What were you thinking when you heard the votes coming in?
I was like ‘what?’ – ‘what?’. To be honest, it’s even a blur now. But I was so calm, I wasn’t even that nervous and when they started saying ten, then the next ten and the next and then the last one was eight. It was just like Oh My God!

And you’re an airhostess I your day job.
Yeah I work for Aer Lingus.

So you’ll be flying to Moscow in a different capacity this time?
Yeah, I know, I might be actually sitting down getting served.

How would you describe your song?
My song is rock, it’s modern, it’s new, it’s funky, it has all the ingredients to ROCK RUSSIA!

Are you happy with how the song went tonight and do you want to make any changes?
I think we’ll have to decide that with RTÉ. They might have their opinion.
I was happy with it tonight and I want Black Daisy with me. They’re so strong as a group, they’re fantastic! They write their own stuff as well. I want them to go all the way with me. We’ve gone this far together; we can go all the way together.

Tell us about your You’re a Star experience.
I came eight. I sang Seven Nation Army the night I was eliminated.

Did you think then that you’d get to Eurovision with a rock song?
Not at all, I just thought ‘that’s it’. Then I applied for Aer Lingus and I love it. But now I’m like ‘Oh my God!’, I’m actually representing my country. It’s just a fantastic feeling, I’m just over the moon.

And you mentioned juries there, and the only jury not to give you top marks was the Dublin jury.
Ah well, everyone has their own opinion and, to be honest, I got eight so I’m happy with that because the Latvian girl. Kristina, she’s has a fantastic voice.

What did you think of the other songs?
I was sitting there watching all the contestants go on, in the green room, and MNA were on first and I thought they were fantastic. They looked like a girl band and had the whole thing going on.
And second was Laura-Jayne, amazing! I just thought that was really, really good and I thought that would’ve been one of the higher contenders.

It must have been nerving sitting in the green room, waiting your turn?
It wasn’t! We were all dancing to them and singing to them and we were having fun.
I think if you’re sitting there nervous, you won’t enjoy yourself on stage. Everyone’s in the same boat, what’s the point in getting nervous?

Some of the contestants were very nervous on stage, do you think You’re a Star helped you?
Oh, don’t get me wrong, I was still nervous. I had butterflies, but once I got on stage I just performed. I said this is my chance and I’m gonna do it.

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