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This year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be a different kind of show for the San Marinese people.  They will participate for the very first time in Belgrade and it will definitely be a new adventure for them. 

Nicola, Miodio’s lead singer, took some time out of his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us. The President of OGAE Italy, Matteo Aldrovandi, who is also part of the San Marinsese team in Belgrade, translated all the questions to Italian and English for EuroVisionary. 

This year you are joining to the contest for representing San Marino. How did you decide to enter the contest? Is it just for the experience or do you really have an interest in the contest?

Nicola: We can’t say we are great expert of the Eurovision Song Contest as it’s has not been broadcast in Italy since 10 years, but we do know it’s such a big event and very important for the promotion of an artist abroad. Eurovision is not like ‘just a try’, it’s great promotion event; all the media focus their attention on the show and it gives an artist the opportunity to share it’s music with a wide public.

You are the first representatives of San Marino.  Do you feel any pressure because of this? What is the feeling in San Marino about your song and Eurovision?

Nicola:  Well this is a new experience for all of us. Of course we know that we are representing “in a musical way” the San Marino Republic and this is a big responsability for us. We love our job, we worked so hard in the past to reach this goal, and I know San Marinese people will support us all the way, they know us, they love our music

What are you thinking to do on the stage on 20th May? Will the Eurovision fans see a special show? Do you have a plan for it?

Nicola: Of course ESC is music and show. But we won’t say much, just know that we won’t be alone on stage…

What are your plans during the promo period and what do you think you’ll do after contest? Will we have a new single or album soon?

Nicola: Up till now a team of great music professionals and PR team has been assisting us to promote first of all ourselves and secondary our music. We just finished our first album (it’s great, but it and “try it”).  In Italy will be released our first cd single “It’s OK”, in the meantime You can buy it on iTunes. MIODIO conquering the Universe!

And finally what would you like to say to the fans of the Eurovision Song Contest and EuroVisionary.com?

Nicola: Ears and Eyes toward MIODIO. We are more than a simple band. And we hope to meet all of You in Belgrade! See you soon.


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