Interviews: EuroVisionary talks to Robin Stjernberg and Anton Ewald

After tonight’s final of Melodifestivalen 2013 EuroVisionary were able to get a few words with the winner of Melodifestivalen 2013 Robin Stjernberg and debutant Anton Ewald who finished at fourth place tonight.

Robin Stjernberg

How will you celebrate tonight?

I will party with my family and my friends.

What was your first thought when they announced you as a winner?

I haven’t decided that yet, because I’m loss for words and I’ve lost my brain.

You have probably been asked a lot of questions tonight, but what question that you haven’t been asked would you like to ask yourself and what wold the answer be?

Wow, you make me think to much. I just want to smile and be happy!

Anton Ewald

How do you feel right now?

I’m pleased, I’m very pleased with my position. I was hoping top 5 and I made it to fourth place. It’s awesome and I’m really happy for Robin. He’s an awesome artist and he’s got a great voice and a great song and I mean I hope he wins everything.

What will happen after Melodifestivalen?

I’m releasing a single, maybe two I don’t know, this June or July, and there is an album coming out this summer.

Tell me about the album!

It’s a, like an urban pop album. It’s too much to say pop – r n b, but urban pop with lots of cool beats and melodies that really enjoyed writing and yeah kind of,
not as like dancy but more cooler, more tougher.

Do you have a message for the viewers that voted for you?

Yeah I do! Thank you so much! It means the world to me that I’ve been getting so much support from everybody and I’m so happy people like what I do.

What question that I didn’t ask you, would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?

What are you gonna do tonight?

I’m going to get wasted!

EuroVisionary would like to thank Robin Stjernberg and Anton Ewald for their time.

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