Interviews: EuroVisionary talks to Loreen, David Lindgren and Molly Sandén

After Friday nights dress rehearsal there were a press conference with all ten competing artists. EuroVisionary were able to get a few words with three of the artists to talk to them about their participation in Melodifestivalen and their expectations for Saturday’s final.


You have been ill during the week; does that affect you in any way?
In the beginning it scared me, because I didn’t know where virus was at. I thought it was in the vocal cords, because if it is and you sing like I do you can get like a little knot on the vocal cords so to speak. Yeah, and then you won’t be able to sing for like two or three month and that would be horrible, so that’s why I went to the doctor yesterday just to be sure. I sounded a little bit like that actually when I came to my doctor; Loreen looks over at the one of Dead by April’s lead singers that grawls. So I was very nervous. No, I’m just kidding, Loreen says and laughs.

Do you have any plans to change anything in your performance?
I thought about it in the beginning. But then there are people that haven’t seen the performance and I want them to see it in its right form so that’s why I didn’t change that much.

What question that I didn’t ask you would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?
The question would be: Loreen, what are you supposed to do right now?
The answer would be: Shut up!

David Lindgren
Are you happy with your performance tonight?
I’m very happy, I’m very satisfied. We had a lot of fun and I could relax in another way than I did in Gothenburg. The camera angles felt good and the audience was great.

Have you planned any changes in your performance for tomorrow?
No, nothing else than what I did now. I have a new suit, and its a little bit technique also but otherwise it’s the same.

So, have you decided about the clothes, because yesterday you showed two different outfits?
Yeah, this is the one, the black one.

The starting position, it’s a huge deal, for the media at least. You are starting as number one on Saturday. So you think the starting position matters?
Yeah, I think it matters. I always looked at number one that that’s a person that they believe in and that set the tone for the whole show so I was very glad when I got number one. It was amazing actually, like Danny sings.

What are your expectations for tomorrow?
My expectation is to have a lot of fun and just enjoy it, because tomorrow is the last day I’m doing this so just enjoy and hope that maybe that I win or get a good position.

So what will happen if you win?
I’m gonna start crying I think. It will be so much feelings going around in my head, so it will be crazy I think.

What question that I didn’t ask you would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?
The question would be: Are you enjoying this?
The answer is: Yes I am.

Molly Sandén
Are you happy with your performance tonight?

Yeah I think so, I haven’t watched it yet. I always have to watch it afterwards because you get so, when you get off the stage you get like a blackout. You don’t remember anything, I don’t remember anything.  Because there are so many emotions and you know the, yeah, you get so nervous, so you forget. But I think I’m, when I got off stage I was very relieved and I, in the middle of the song I felt like I got such a kick from the audience and I felt, I just enjoyed myself and it was fun, that’s what I remember.

Do you have any plans for changes for tomorrow?
No, I don’t think so. I have to watch it first.

What are your expectations for tomorrow night?
I just hope that I enjoy myself on stage and that I’m pleased with the singing and that I get to share all these emotions that I feel when I’m on stage and that the audience give back to me when I’m standing there. That’s what I hope. I don’t focus on the competition you know and the, if I’m gonna win or not because you can only do your best and I’m going to.

Why did you want to participate in Melodifestivalen again?
Because it, when I participated last time it was the best week in my life, I had so much fun. I love Melodifestivalen, I’m a big fan. I’ve always loved it and yeah I just wanted to, it felt right, I had the song, I got the feeling.

What question that I didn’t ask you would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?
Wow, Molly thinks for a while and then asks: What do I do before I go on stage?
I actually hit myself, it sounds very dramatic, but it’s not. I just do like this all over my body just to feel that I’m alive; Molly shows that she claps herself gently. Just before I start to sing I breath in and breath out, like to calm down.


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