EuroVisionary talk to Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani

Nodi Tatishvili and Sophie Gelovani will represent Georgia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.  Nodi and Sophie speak to EuroVisionary about their excitement and being selected to represent their country at Eurovision and also about their careers and musical influences and more.

Congratulations, Nodi & Sophie, on being selected to represent Georgia at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest.
How does it feel to be representing your country?
Sophie:  I am so happy that I am representative of Georgia for this year’s contest.  It is a huge responsibility and we will do everything  to get support from Europe. 
Nodi: It is an honour for me too and I am proud of this.
Have either of you tried to participate at Eurovision in previous years?
Sophie:  I have never participated in national selections of Eurovision. Although there were many international musical competitions in my life.
Nodi: I always had a big desire of this. In 2009 I participated in national selection but I was not lucky enough.
Have you worked together before on the stage?
Sophie: Nodi  is one of my best friends and of course we have a big experience of working together on the stage. 
Do you both watch the Eurovision Song Contest each year what are your favorite Eurovision songs?
Sophie: I am watching this contest every year and I think Loreen’s song was really amazing.
Nodi: Eurovision song contest is magnificent event for every musician and of course I watch  it every year.  Euphoria was very memorable and a stunning entry.
Last year Georgia failed to reach the final of the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time. Is this something the general public reacts to and if so, how?
Nodi: It was our first fail and it was not pleasant at all but we all know that the Eurovision song contest is one of the most unpredictable contests ever.
Who are your musical influences and who are your favourite music artists?
Sophie: Barbara Streisand is my favourite artist still from childhood so she had influence on my musical taste for sure. Also I would like to say Gino Vannelli.
Nodi: Luther Vandross, George Michael and Rachel Ferrell are my favourite musicians.
Are there plans to record an album together?
Sophie:  Yes we are going to record album soon.
Will you speak to any previous Georgian Eurovision representatives to seek their advice about performing at the Eurovision Song Contest?
Sophie:  They are our colleagues. We received many congrats and advices from them. 
Nodi: We meet each other very often on the various concerts. All of them are our friends.
What would be your reaction if you win the the Eurovision Song Contest for Georgia, and how would you celebrate?
Sophie: I will cry a lot (smiling) 
Nodi: We will dedicate this victory to our country and our patriarch who became 85 years old a few days ago.
Finally, is there a  question, that I have not asked you, that you would like to ask yourselves, and what would the answer to it be?
Ok our question is:  what will change in our life after Eurovision?
Nodi: We will meet new friends and colleagues, it’s very important I think.
Sophie: It is  the biggest contest I have ever participated in.  I am sure impressions which I will get in Sweden will completely change my life.
Thank you Nodi and Sophie for your time. Good luck. 
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