Interview: Natália Kelly (Austria ESC 2013)

Natália Kelly will represent Austria at the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest with her song, Shine.  Here she talks to EuroVisionary about her feelings at winning Österreich rockt den Song Contest, her plans leading up to Eurovision, her career and much more.

1. Congratulations, Natália, on winning the Österreich rockt den Song Contest. Can you describe your feelings when you realised you had won, and how much it meant to you?

Thank you Ian! It was overwhelming and I was extremely happy! It was one of the most fantastic moments in my life. To be able to perform my song in front of a such wonderful audience, around friends and to be chosen to represent Austria in Malmö.. Just awesome!

2. Have you spoken to any previous Austrian participants yet at Eurovision and if so have they given you any advice what to expect?

I had the pleasure of meeting Gary Lux from Austria. He has participated six times in the Song Contest. I also met the beautiful Daria Kinzer for Croatia. They told me that it’s a high energy event, lots of reporters, time stress and one needs to have nerves of steel. They also told me to be true and not change anything about myself! Great advices!

3. Do you plan a promotional tour to promote your song in Austria and other countries?

Yes, we are planning a little promotion tour around some European countries, but it’s not fixed yet! I would like to visit as many countries as possible so I could share my song "Shine" with everyone.

4. Do you have plans to make a video for Shine?

We already have a music video for "Shine". I enjoyed the making of the video a lot because I got the chance to share those wonderful hours of hard work and fun with my friends and family. I’m also thankful for the great team!  You can see my video below.

5. Have you heard any other songs from other countries selected so far for the 2013 Eurovision Song Contest? If so, have you any favourites?

I like Denmark, Norway, Germany, Ireland and Russia songs but I just mentioned a few because there are so many great entries this year and they have really catchy tunes.

6. What are your favourite Eurovision songs from earlier years?

Celine Dion – Ne partez pas sans moi (Switzerland 1988), Alexander Rybak – Fairytale (Norway 2009) and Loreen – Euphoria (Sweden 2012).

7. Do you have plans to release an album soon?

Yes and it’s clapping at the door! I will release my first album with Universal Music Austria in April 2013! I wrote half of the songs myself so I’m especially proud of the album and of my first single "Shine". And no matter what happens, I will always make music. I want to move people with what I do best and that’s my music!

8. Who are your musical influences?

Music itself is an inspiration for me. I love music and I listen to it everywhere. I always learn something new from the songs I listen to. Just to name a few of the artists I feel connected with: Celine Dion, Adele, Beyoncé, Janis Joplin, Pink, Etta James, Billy Joel and all the musicians that enrich my life on a daily basis: my vocal, piano, and guitar teachers.

9. Have you particitated in any music festivals or shows in Austria or other countries?

I’ve participated in many projects and competitions: When I was nine years old I won the second place in a Children’s Music Competion, after that I was in a Teenie Austro Pop band "Gimme5"and in the following years I performed in various shows, such as: Vienna Stadthalle and the Life Ball 2012, The Voice and now the Eurovision Song Contest!

10. Do you have an official website where our visitors can read more about you?

I have an official Facebook Page where I keep my fans up to date.  Check it out!

11. Finally, is there a question I have not asked you that you would like to ask yourself, and if so what would your answer be?

Q: What would you change if you could go back in time?
A: Nothing, because everything I did then had an impact on who and where I am now. I’m quite happy about that!

Thank you Natália. Good luck in Malmö.

Thank you Ian for this great interview! Hope to see you some time! xx Natália

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