Interview: EuroVisionary talks to Joacim Cans and Swedish House Wives after the dress rehearsal in Gothenburg

After tonight’s dress rehearsal EuroVisionary were able to have a chat with heavy metal singer Joacim Cans and Swedish House Wives about the dress rehearsal and what their expectations are for tomorrow.

Joacim Cans

Are you satisfied with your performance tonight?

Well absolutely, I think the reaction from the people in the venue were fantastic and I think we really captured the energy of the song on stage.

We are used to hear you sing in English with Hammerfall, why did you choose to sing in Swedish this time?

I always had a passion for Swedish singer/songwriter music and also in the Swedish language because I think it’s a very passionate language with the melody built into the. Joacim gesticulates a lot and then says: Well you know what I’m talking about. And parallel to my passion for heavy metal music I wanted to do something like this too one day, and now it felt like it was the right, the timing was perfect to do something else. But the thing is, I wrote a complete album before I was asked to take part of this. I didn’t write the song for this occasion, the song was there already.

Who is Annelie?

This song is like a tribute to one of my favourite Swedish singers called Magnus Johansson and he had a character called Annelie, thats actually his wife who he sang about twice in his career. I just wanted to, It feels like he passed the torch to me to continue his heritage. But Annelie for me is not his wife of course, so I just. Well my Annelie never wakes up. His wife still is awake I think.

Do you think the Hammerfall fans will vote for you tomorrow?

I hope so if they are sitting there, you know. They are passionate followers. But if they don’t to it, well. Joacim shrugs his shoulders.

What question that I didn’t ask you, would you like to ask yourself and what would the answer be?

Wow, that’s a very good question! Well the most obvious question usually is, did you consider doing this with Hammerfall? And so far we always said no, because this is not a forum I think for an established band like Hammerfall. But no I’m doing a solo album and I see myself as a fresh, well fresch, I’m 42 years but a new artist at least, so this is perfect.

Swedish House Wives

Are you satisfied with your performance tonight?

Pernilla: Yes we are

Hanna: Yes we are, we had a really good time, and it will be even better on saturday.

Whats your expectations for tomorrow?

Pernilla: We are going to go out and just have a lot of fun and do our best.

Who is your biggest threat tomorrow?

Pernilla: Sean Banan of course

Hanna: Anton

Jenny: All the songs has something special to them so it’s really hard to say.

Pernilla: Yes it’s a very good round

How has it been working together?

Hanna: Lots of fun all the way.

Jenny: Lots of fun, lots of laughs

Do you think that you ever will participate as solo artists again?

All three girls: Yes maybe, never say never

What question that I didn’t ask you would you like to ask yourselves and what would the answer be?

Pernilla: Oh my god

Hanna: That’s a good one

Pernilla: I would like to ask myself how it felt to win the whole thing, and I would answer it: It felt great.

The other girls laughs.

Jenny: That’s excellent!

Hanna: That’s the question you would like to have on saturday as well? That’s excellent.

More laughs from the girls.

EuroVisionary would like to thank Joacim Cans and Swedish House Wives for their time.

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