New Eurovision family member: Choir Of The Year

In July 2017, Riga will host the 3rd European Choir Games. EBU in collaboration with the Latvian broadcaster LTV will held a new competition. Choir Of The Year or Eurovision Choir Contest, will be the new member of Eurovision family as announced by today. 

The European Broadcasting Union, EBU, announced today its plans to launch a new musical contest with the name Choir of the Year. Choir of the Year is planned to be held by the Latvian national broadcaster LTV on  22nd of July 2017. In the contest will participate between eight and twelve countries, each represented by one non-professional choir of any genre. The contest will be integrated into the European Choir Games 2017 with the contest taking place just before the closing ceremony for the Games.

Some of the proposals that EBU announced today for the contest are:

  • Each country will propose one non-professional choir of any genre. Each representative could be selected through a national final or via an internal selection.
  • Each country will perform two pieces from 3’-5’, at least one of which should reflect national character in some way.
  • For the results will be used an international jury, consisting of musicians
  • High profile (English-speaking) on-stage host.
  • International postcard segments
  • Group performance and side acts (TBC)
  • Winner will be determined by jury vote
  • Broadcast live or deferred

Choir of the Year is the first new contest event launched by the European Broadcasting Union since the Eurovision Dance Contest in 2007. The new contest marks the first time that the EBU has produced a competitive event for Choral performers. The European Broadcasting Union will announce on November 1st whether the contest will take place. This will depend on the interest from the member broadcasters.

Source: EBU, EuroVisionary
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