Challenge to film nerds – how many references can you spot in the Czech Eurovision 2021 video?

The video for this year’s Czech Eurovision entry ‘Omaga’ is full of film references. Many of them are to well known film such as Dirty Dancing and Lady and the Tramp. How many can you spot?

Let it be said right away, we don’t know the total number of film references in Benny Cristo’s Omaga video. We spot more for every time we watch the video, and as such we can conclude that the number is most likely quite high. Watch carefully – and start counting. Below, we will list just a few of the film references we spotted to get you started. How many more can you spot?

Film title From original film From ‘Omaga’
Forrest Gump
Dirty Dancing
Lady and the Tramp
The Shining

In the video below you can watch Benny Cristo’s Omaga – this year’s Czech entry for the Eurovision Song Contest. Happy film hunting 🙂

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