It was hard to be a rock`n`roller in Herning

Being a true lover of rock music it was quit an ordeal to witness the final in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix in the mid Jutland city of Herning Saturday the 26 of January. The songs were good yes, but where were the rock songs?

Please don’t read me wrong, I have nothing against pop songs, and the level of quality this year in Denmark was surprisingly high compaed to other years, and the winning song Only Teardrops performed by Emmelia de Forest was absolutely lovely, and poses a winner potential in Malmö in May this year. But where were the rock bands?

Are DR (the Danish Broadcaster) avoiding rock, being afraid that screaming guitars would scare mr. and mrs. Denmark and their children away from the TV screen? I don’t know, as Bob Dylan sang many years ago, the answer is Blowin` in the Wind.

Coming from Scandinavia, I’m looking with envy eyes at Norway, Sweden and Finland. There broadcarsters have no second thoughts when it comes to rock`n`roll, in fact Finland won the whole show with Lordi, that was glory days. But in Denmark it’s pop or ballads every ear.

Why not try something "new", ask bands like Volbeat, Magtens Korridorer, Nephew or others, even hard rock bands, to participate, nothing wrong in asking, and certainly nothing to lose, but everything to win, should one of these accept the invitation, maybe via a wild cart. 

In Denmark, Melodi Grand Prix, is somehow looked down upon, that also might be the case in other countryies, I don’t know, and yes it’s a fact I am not the biggest fan of the show, because I believe it’s impossible to compete in music. Some like Elvis others like Loreen or something else. But I respect the artist and singer songwriters and first of all the fans. There should be something for everybody. And should the bands from the first level not be interested, then ask the ones from the level under, I think they would be more then interested in the contest getting the PR and air play, they don’t receive in daily life.

But maybe there is an opening , because this year we got "house" music in the Danish final with Jack Rowan and Sam Gray, performing the song Invincible. So I am full of hope for 2014 to be the year for rock`n`role in the Dansk Melodi Grand Prix.

And by the way, thank you DR for a wonderful show in Herning.

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